Active and calm birth experiential workshop

Natalbel’s experiential active childbirth workshop is an essential instrument for the couple to experience beforehand some of the physical and emotions that will be experienced at the time of delivery.

This workshop is based on the belief that what you have previously practised in an environment of calm, tranquillity and relaxation will be experienced in the same way when the real situation appears.

To live birth with all the mental tools, during this workshop we will practice a birth in a warm environment, accompanied by the person of choice who will support you, massage you and make you feel comfortable and safe. Couples will practise different bonding activities, positions, massages, and breaths to experience a “rehearsal” of labour from start to finish.

Enseñamos a las parejas a crear el ambiente ideal para que la mujer se sienta en un estado de relajación profunda, lo que beneficiará que el parto se desarrolle de la manera más fluida posible. Para ello, la pareja o acompañante que se encuentre junto a la futura mamá en el momento del parto se convierte en una figura clave. En el taller vivencial de parto activo y en calma de Natalbel, enseñamos a la pareja cómo acompañar a la madre en el momento de dar a luz para ayudar al nacimiento del bebé.

In Natalbel, even if the delivery takes place in a hospital environment, we encourage couples to live childbirth that is less intervened, as natural and active as possible, where the woman and her partner are the protagonists and can live their lives.

I leave as they wish and choose, from the information, the options that they want. After every natural and respectful birth, we will find an empowered woman, a more united couple and a new human being who has had the best of beginnings in life that will determine his future mental health.


Knowledge and awareness of the process of pregnancy and childbirth

This course allows you to gain knowledge that will allow you to live a respectful delivery according to the needs of each couple.

Theoretical advice for a natural and calm birth

Knowledge gives the couple peace of mind and the tools needed for the birth to flow smoothly.

Mental preparation for childbirth

Recreate the moment of childbirth in your mind and become aware that it is a natural process that you have to go through without fear and being calm.

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