Pilates is the perfect discipline if you are looking for toning and postural reeducation of your body. It helps you stretch and tone your muscles as well as work your posture. If you have never practised it, do not worry, at Natalbel we will work in postures adapted to your state, in a slow and controlled way. Its most prominent and most sought-after benefit is that it helps achieve a healthier pregnancy and an uncomplicated delivery.

It also improves breathing and oxygenation thanks to relaxation and breathing exercises. The pregnant woman will improve her way of breathing in a very positive way at the time of delivery.

Strengthens the abdominal wall, back, and pelvic floor. In the mental field, Pilates helps reduce anxiety and stress that pregnant women may feel until the moment of delivery

Fatigue decreases and your joint mobility improves.

During the first trimester

Exercises will be performed that do not compromise the safety of the baby in training. Exercises that improve your flexibility and toning but without making great efforts.

During the second trimester

exercises and postures will be practised that favour the strengthening of the abdomen, back and pelvic floor. Likewise, the breaths that will facilitate the toning and oxygenation of all those muscles will be practised.

During the last trimester

In the final stretch, we will perform exercises that help the baby to get into the ideal position to be born, avoiding possible problems that usually occur at that time. The breaths will also be practised and will be used in the different phases of labour

Our classes are held to achieve a more comfortable pregnancy and always try to make delivery easier for the mother and the baby. Also, one of the purposes of practising Pilates during pregnancy is that once you have given birth, full physical recovery occurs in your body earlier.

In addition to our face-to-face classes, we have online courses where you can do the activity from home.

Try our online pilates classes 1 day / week
Try our online pilates classes 2 days / week



Stabilizes BLOOD TENSION and Improves DIABETES. Promotes good posture during and after pregnancy. Improving blood circulation and strengthening the pelvic salary. Increases respiratory capacity and prevents diastasis (separation of the rectus muscles).


It reduces stress and helps control anxiety and depression, increases concentration and improves the ability to manage emotions. Thanks to the connection between body and mind, the feeling of well-being and calm increases, making problems disappear.


Improves self-esteem due to the changes that occur in our bodies. We gain confidence and we are acquiring healthier habits, creating a new, healthier routine in our lives.

Consciousnes during childbirth

Decreases the number of CESAREANS, INSTRUMENTAL DELIVERIES and PREMATURE DELIVERIES. Likewise, it allows the adoption of DIFFERENT POSITIONS IN LABOR because it increases strength and elasticity.


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