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“The birth of your baby in a peaceful and calm environment, trust and positivity is an incredibly magical experience that makes you feel not only powerful and proud of yourself but also strong and in control of your body. Recognizing that your body is made to conceive your baby, make it grow and give birth helps you stay calm, breathe consciously, direct energy to certain areas of your body and your baby so that the hormones in your body will lead the labour progress naturally, faster, with better results and with a satisfactory birth experience. Likewise, a calm birth will offer the best of the new baby’s welcome to the world. This relaxed, calm, loving and wonderful birth experience being fixed in the babies subconscious forever will contribute to the baby in becoming an emotionally healthier adult“. Macarena Arjona Alba (Midwife)

Facing pregnancy and motherhood well informed about the processes and the wide range of possibilities existing within the process, allow you to make good decisions and enjoy the 9 months of pregnancy with the peace of mind that every mother deserves.

At Natalbel, we consider that childbirth and everything that surrounds pregnancy requires theoretical, physical and mental training, which extends until the first months of motherhood. For this reason, we offer mothers a 100% online delivery preparation program that will solve all doubts and prepare them to have a positive and calm pregnancy and delivery.

Likewise, the childbirth preparation program includes the midwife’s assessments throughout the pregnancy and up to 30 days postpartum to resolve doubts and guide the possible complications that may appear; with no additional charges.

The program includes 25 theoretical hours in which a wide variety of topics are covered, ranging from prevention of sudden infant death, correct eating habits during pregnancy and lactation, how to manage labour pain, breastfeeding, how to prevent mastitis and cracks, when is it necessary to go to the paediatrician with your baby, the different phases of childbirth and tools to deal with them, the importance of silence and movement in childbirth, the role of the partner, not forgetting such important issues as bureaucratic procedures after the birth of the baby, basic newborn care, bathing, sleeping, carrying, choosing car seats, etc.

In addition, the program includes 6 sessions of physical preparation for pregnant women with Pilates and 1 session of yoga, both safe and recommended modalities to stay active and in good shape during the months of pregnancy.

It also includes 6 sessions of Mental Preparation for childbirth (Hypnopartum).

What is hypnopartum? Hypnopartum is mental preparation that is carried out through meditation, relaxation and visualizations to mentally feel the process of a positive birth, without pain, in a calm state of mind, feeling confident in yourself and your baby, empowered and free from fears before it happens, favouring that when the moment of real labour arrives it is faced as a natural and positive process and managing pain better and resulting in a wonderful and magical experience.

With the combination of all these elements, Natalbel promotes a pregnancy, labour and delivery in which couples make their decisions based on all the information acquired during the nine months of gestation.

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