Colic and constipation massage for babies

It is very common for the newborn to suffer from minor colic or constipation during the first months of life. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed when our baby cries and we can’t ask what is wrong with them.

The well-known infant colic has symptoms such as intense crying, irritability and no apparent cause. Colics can appear after 15 days of life, and especially around the age of one month and a half. This discomfort can be extended up to 4 months old.

Our team of professionals will advise you depending on the current situation of your baby, is personalized attention, analyzing each symptom or factor that may be relevant to their condition.

Can colics be avoided? At Natalbel, we will give your little one massages especially focused on reducing these discomforts. Combining it with a series of tips that we will share with you should prevent the appearance of these colic symptoms.

The massage for constipation of the baby is focused on alleviating the symptoms caused by the immaturity of their digestive system.



Relief of the symptoms produced by infant colic and constipation during the first months of life, effectively and gently


Massages performed by qualified professionals of health and maternity, who offer you first-hand the guarantee of unbeatable service


Tips and guidelines to prevent colic and constipation. Recommendations on food and activities to promote intestinal transit and above all, education to create good habits.

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