You just gave birth. Any little problem becomes a mountain. You get stressed, you think too much. And in the end, or you end up eating processed products loaded with sugar to combat that state of anxiety. Or you end up with physical problems like headache, stomach or chest pain.

A healthy and balanced diet

It is important that after delivery, we try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Since it will not only affect ourselves in the face of our health. But also our little one. Now we are mothers. We must be full of energy to be able to take care of our baby in the best way. This is now our great challenge.

What foods can help us?

You may think you have a good diet. But despite everything, you find yourself without energy and more tired than normal. You do not know what you are doing wrong and you do not stop turning your head. We bring you a list of foods that will help you make that load less heavy and give life to your body.

  • Fruit and vegetable: It is true that whenever we want to start a diet. It is the first thing that they recommend to us in the consultation of our family doctor. And it is that although we do not want to give it the importance they deserve, fruit and vegetables are the foods with the most vitamins and minerals they have inside.
  • Chocolate: Who doesn’t like to enjoy a good portion of chocolate? It’s great and on top of that it helps us control our anxiety and stress levels. But above all, dark chocolate. This type of chocolate produces a satisfaction reaction in our brain, making us feel calmer and increasing our spirits in a positive way.
  • Nuts: Packed with vitamins, they are the perfect aperitif for mid-morning or snack time. They will make you feel better and recharge your batteries thanks to its vitamins E and B. Among other minerals and sources of nutrients.

Remember that you can ask our expert midwife for help. Delivered to the welfare of your little one and yours. That in addition to keeping track of the evaluation of your body and your baby, it will solve all your doubts and concerns.

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