Pregnancy brings with it an infinity of physical changes in the woman’s body, as well as psychological, but for this reason we should not think of this process as a disease.

Often, we pathologize the pregnancy due to the fact of being subjected to a more exhaustive medical control than when we are not in condition, which leads us to relate the pregnancy with fear and negativity, something that is not recommended at all for the mother or for the future baby.

We must understand, as pregnant women or as family members, that a woman’s body is ready to gestate and give birth, and that the changes that occur in her body are adaptations to let a life grow, they are not symptoms of any disease.

It is good to protect, not overprotect, a pregnant woman.

A pregnant woman is strong, and is in full physical and mental faculties to lead a normal life and, although we must take certain care to ensure the health of the baby, a pregnant woman should not be protected.

On the other hand, what is highly recommended is to provide the pregnant woman with an environment of love and affection, since emotional support from both the partner and family is crucial at this stage.

There are many emotions that invade a woman during 40 weeks of gestation. Anxiety and worries in relation to motherhood and childbirth are common and family support and affection help regulate the mental health of the future mother and the fetus.

The love of the couple helps reduce pain during the time of delivery.

In addition, the couple plays a crucial role both during pregnancy and at the time of delivery, since their accompaniment throughout the process brings benefits such as:

  • Improved mood, security and self-esteem as a mother and as a woman.
  • Reduction of fear and worries by feeling accompanied throughout the process.
  • At the time of delivery, being calm and receiving the love of your partner, helps the secretion of oxytocin in a natural way, which considerably reduces pain.

The support and respect of professionals during your pregnancy

Surrounding yourself with a medical team that gives you confidence and security is essential. At Natalbel we inform you of all your possibilities as a mother and as a woman, and we support you in making your own decisions.
For us it is very important to make a pregnant woman understand the power of her body, and that pregnancy is a positive experience that culminates with the birth of a life, showing the strength and love of the female body.

The love, support and respect of your family members should be extended to the professional field for the well-being of the pregnant woman. The revisions should not be faced with fear, but with the illusion of knowing and knowing more about your body, its changes, and the life of the baby.

Pregnancy, surrounded by the right professionals, and the support of your family and partner, is a unique and wonderful experience.