You are going to start breastfeeding your baby and thousands of doubts assail you. You think about what cannot be done, what is recommended, what can be done, what cannot be done.
Relax, we are here with a list of tips to help you in this big step.
Remember that breastfeeding is a time that you must live fully together with your baby, the two of you together. It is a special moment that only both of you can share.

Does breastfeeding hurt?

Not at all. In practice, it doesn’t have to hurt. Nor should it cause you any discomfort if you are doing it correctly. At Natalbel we want to highlight the importance of breastfeeding as it has many benefits. Not only for the baby, but also for the mother.

The importance of a peaceful space

This moment you must live without anguish, without stress, without anxiety. It is a moment that you must remember with love and happiness. In this way, you must choose a relaxed space where to carry out breastfeeding. It seems unimportant, but it is something that makes a difference. For example, the tranquility of a room where you are alone with your baby is not the same. Than a room full of people wondering about childbirth.
You will both be calm, open to the moment and without any feeling of unease.

What should be the best position to position the baby?

We are talking about the correct position, when the baby does not feel detached and there is no good contact with the mother. There must be a contact between mother and child. So the best position would be the same as the baby’s tummy is in contact with yours.
The little one must make a correct suction, grasping the entire nipple with his mouth. This way we will avoid damages and cracks in it.

Hygiene during breastfeeding

It is not something that particularly has very important indications. Follow with your daily shower with regular soap and water. But don’t forget to wash your hands every time. Skip special soaps that may cause future problems regarding your skin’s sensitivity.

Always hydrated

This is something that you will experience when you start to breastfeed your baby. It may not be something immediate but it is something that usually happens. During breastfeeding, you will notice that you will be thirsty and will need to drink water. So we advise you to drink two liters of water a day. But likewise, keep a small bottle of water close to you.

In spite of everything if you think you need more information or advice, at Natalbel we have a special lactation consultation for you. With a totally personalized advice from the hand of a team of professionals in the field of maternity.

Do you want more information about the consultation? Visit our section: Breastfeeding/lactation consultation